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Masquerade Crystal Mask Silver and Black



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This mask is in quite a simple shape yet the assortmnet of silver and black crystals and intricate detailing make it appear quite elegant.

  • The section immediately surrounding the eyes is decorated in round black crystals which open up the eyes and are nicely contrasted with the silver crystals which sit on the nose, which also contain two black crystals in the centre. 
  • Beyond the immediate eye shape, there is a long thin row of silver crystals, with smaller rows branching out. 
  • This leaf effect looks lovely on the face and is made more beautiful with the larger black crystals on the outermost edge, mimicing the centre.
  • Size is approximate: 16cm wide x 8cm high
  • Comes with black ribbon. 
  • Rhodium plated.
  • Lead and nickel free.

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