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PLEASE NOTE that novelty number plate are for decoration only.
Attaching the number plate to a vehicle could attract the interest of law enforcement officers should it affect the visibility of, or distract from, or imply it is, the actual registration plate of the vehicle.

Do you keep any novelty number plates or metal signs in stock?

We do not keep any novelty number plates, surrounds or metal signs in stock. All metal signs and novelty number plates will be posted to you by our supplier. We aim to ship 2-4 days from receipt of order.

Our supplier has a good supply of these items but sometimes they do run out so we recommend that you check with us before purchasing, if the order is required urgently.

What happens if the items are out of stock?

We will email you with these options:

  1. Australian novelty number plates:

  1. Wait for the items to be made up (at no extra cost) which can take up to 2 weeks or

  2. Refund the total amount.


  1. US novelty number plates and metal signs:

  1. Wait for item to be in stock again (at no extra cost) which can take up to 6 weeks or

  2. Refund you the total amount

Do novelty number plate and metal sign designs and colour change?

Colours and designs are approximate and are subject to manufacturer’s changes. If there are changes we will email you a photo of the current colour and design. You may then choose either to:

  1. Purchase the item with either a new design or colour, or

  2. Request a refund

Please Note:

Some items have been photographed with their plastic protective covering.

Novelty number plates cannot replace your state licensed number plate. They are a novelty item.

How will the novelty number plates, metal signs and surrounds be posted?

They will be dispatched by courier or Australia Post Express.


How long does it take for custom design novelty number plates to be made?

The manufacturer takes orders on Mondays (Tuesdays if Monday is a public holiday in Queensland, Australia).The manufacturer takes about 2 to 3 weeks.

What are the standard sizes of the novelty number plates?

  1. Australian novelty number plates: 37cm x 13cm

  2. American novelty number plates: 30cm x 15cm

What standard sizes are the metal signs?

The most common metal signs sizes are:

Small Tin Sign – 23cm x 30.5cm (9ins x 12ins) or 20cm x 30cm (8ins x 12ins)

Large Tin Sign – 30cm x 38cm (12ins x 15ins), 30.5cm x 46cm (12ins x 18ins) or 30cm x 30cm (12ins x 12ins)

Round, Circle or Circular Sign - 30cm diameter (12ins)

Street Sign – 13cm x 61 cm (5ins x 24ins)

Arrow Sign – 15cm x 30cm (6ins x 12ins)

What are the novelty number plates and metal signs made from?

Australian novelty number plates are made from lightweight aluminum. The plate sizes are the same as those on a normal vehicle, and have embossed characters and an embossed border.

US novelty number plates and metal signs are made from high quality metal and they are very durable and long lasting. They may be placed and used outside.


How can I hang my plate and signs?

All novelty number plates and metal signs come with pre drilled holes for hanging.


Do the plates comply with the law?

All US novelty number plates and signs are licensed in accordance with trademark and copyright requirements.


Number plate surrounds?

High quantity injection moulded plastic frame
Characters are made from a durable vinyl sticker and a waterproof.
Vinyl stickers are made when item is ordered.
The expected life span is about 5 - 7 years.
To fit around standard size Aussie Plates (37.2cm x 13.2cm)
Please note that these days there are many sizes and shapes of number plate so it’s best to measure and ensure our frame will fit your plate.

How long does it take for custom surrounds to be made? 
It can take up to 5 business days

Do you offer discounts on novelty number plates and metal signs?

Yes, of course.

Orders of 5 to 10 items, 5% discount

Orders of 10 to 25 items, 10% discount

Orders greater than 25 items, please contact us

Please contact us by email at for any quantity discounts.


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