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Custom Design Your Own USA Novelty Number Plate



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Embossed plate measures 30cm x 16.5cm.
Made from high quality aluminium. 

Plate Details

Characters are all in capital letters only and can be either alpa or numeric.
Character sizes:

Large 8cm - up to 6 characters maximum

Medium 6cm - up to 6 characters maximum

Small 5cm - up to 9 characters maximum

The below mentioned symbols are available embossed. Please see image.

To ensure there is no misunderstanding when ordering a custom plate that requires a space, or symbol please use the following:

  • For a space, either type the word ‘(space)’ or just the closed brackets ()
  • For a diamond either type the word ‘(diamond)’ or just type the star symbol “*”
  • For a dash, either type the word ‘(dash)’ or the dash symbol ‘-‘
  • For a dot/full stop, either type the word ‘(full stop)’ or just the full stop symbol ‘.’
  • For a hash tag, either type in the word '(hash tag)' or just the hast tag symbol #
  • For a and symbol, wither type in the word '(and)' or just the and symbol &
  • For an apostrophe symbol, either type in the word '(apostrophe)' or just the apostrophe symbol '
  • For an at symbol, either type in the work '(at)' or just the at symbol @

Placement of symbols as per image:

  • Diamond (◊), #, @, &, - are centrally positioned in the character line.
  • Full stop (.) is positioned at the bottom of the character line
  • Apostrophe at the top of the character line.

Spaces, diamond, and all symbols count as character.

Characters can be aligned:

  • Centre
  • Left 
  • Right



Orders are emailed weekly to manufacturer on a Tuesday and take about 12 - 15 days but please allow up to 3 weeks.

When ordering please see colour chart in gallery as some character colours are unable to be printed on background colours.


When a black background is used some character colours like green, red, yellow appear darker: eg - the yellow becomes almost an orange shade. White characters are fine.

All colours, sizes and images displayed, do not accurately portray the finished product they are an example only.

Colours are shown for indicative purposes only and vary from patch to patch.

Please see colour chart in gallery or below as some character colours are not able to be printed on background colours.


We are not able to emboss any state identifiers, nor replicate any government issue plates, so please avoid character combinations that are similar to state issued licenced or personalised registration plates. The letter A stands for alpha and the letter N stands for Number.

In general this includes the following

  • AAA NN
  • AA NNN
  • NN 
  • NNN AAA 
  • NNN AA 
  • AA NN AA 

PLEASE NOTE they are for decoration only as officially the authorities say “Attachment of a novelty number plate to a vehicle could attract the interest of law enforcement officers should it affect the visibility of, or distract from, or imply it is, the actual registration plate of the vehicle.”

However, plates in the above formats which are to be used for advertising, media production, car show or memorabilia purposes will require a written 'declaration of purpose' from the customer stating that they are the final end user/customer for the novelty number plate and acknowledging that the combination of characters is similar to those used on state registered motor vehicles, and declaring that it will not be permanently fixed to a car.



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